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We are a creative media company with focus on creative photography!

KVdS media bv is the company facilitating Kris Van de Sande’s projects. Founded in 2019, it’s the cumulation of nearly two decades of experience creating creative content.

Graduated as a graphical designer, Kris found his way through various projects in local and national media and content producers in various fields of work. In 2012 Kris chose photography as his main focus.

Despite being a generalist in his commercial work, Kris has some specialities like working with theme parks (Kris From Belgium), concert photography (3 Songs, No Flash). He is currently working on an art project (Studio Statue).

Our homestead is located in Antwerp (Belgium), but we travel the world capturing and creating media.

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KVdS media bv
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B2060 Antwerp, Belgium
BTW BE 0728 870 569
+32 473 61 79 72
IBAN: BE55068934460944

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